This Is What Happy Feels Like

We certainly had some challenges blending Oscar into our little family. Foremost were his health issues. He was loosing fur in clumps, had heartworms, and a cancerous tumor. He'd never been to a groomer, so his nails were so long that his toes didn't touch the ground. He also had a stink that was caused by impacted anal glands. Yikes!

I am extremely happy to say he had cleared all those hurdles - he's comfortable and safe and it shows in his behavior. Oscar's personality is really starting to bloom!

He loves to curl up in the tiniest out-of-the ordinary of spots, like behind the couch, under John's desk whiles he's working, or even the powder room. At night, he stays on the bed with us until he thinks we're asleep, then he crawls underneath the bed, where we hear him gently snoring until first light. Occasionally , we hear a THUMP THUMP THUMP when he wags his tail and it smacks against the bottom of the bed. His tail is very long, and sometimes he gets so happy that it hits stuff and knocks things over - but we don't care, as we know it's a sign of his happiness.

While they've gotten along well, Oscar never "played" with us or his dog brother, Harry. Back when Oscar's story was making headlines, kind people sent us several boxes of dog toys, all of which Oscar politely ignored. But this morning, we were both filled with joy as the two dogs began wrestling and playing on the bed together. John and I joined in as Oscar yelped and growled playfully. All of the work, expense, picking up poop, etc... that all fades in an instant with these little moments of pure joy.

It's safe to say that in the first 4-5 years of his life, there probably was not much "play." It was more about survival and hoping for the next meal. Now, I think Oscar finally know what happy feels like.

Oscar has two media interviews this week, as folks want to know how he's getting along. We'll keep you posted.

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