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Ready for Sunday Brunch, Y'all

Who are we kidding... we're just going for the Mimosa and Bloody Marys!

As you can see, I'm starting to feel better after the heartworm treatment earlier this week. Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes and positive vibes.

My personality is starting to emerge as my Dads ween me off all the medications I have been on. I've been medicated for one reason or another since they adopted me! I'm becoming more loving, and my tail is wagging a great deal more. No playing or rough-housing yet, since I have to keep my heart rate down while I recuperate. The poison that they give me to kill the heartworms really does a number on my heart and blood vessels... so no chaing squirrels or ducks at the pond down the block.

Special thanks to Holly Harrison at for the bowties and the kind words. I think it makes me look like Young Sheldon, and it makes my older brother Harry look like Gary Moore (look it up.)

If you appreciate my story, please consider donating to the Greater Charlotte SPCA. A little help goes a long way.

Off to brunch, Bitches! ( I'm talking to female dogs, of course)

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