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A Very Brief Trip to the Dark Side

OK. It's time for a short trip to the Dark Side. I promise, it won't be long, but I need to get it off my chest. In the short time since we adopted Oscar, I've felt many emotions - Most of them happy and joyful.

Today, I am feeling anger.

Today, Oscar started his heartworm treatment.

I find myself wanting to grab the son-of-a-b#%ch who had him before, hold him down, and inject him with the same poison that Oscar has to endure. (I promise it'll be over soon)

Treatment of heartworms is not a benign process and carries serious risks. The drug administered to dogs to kill heartworms (Immiticide) is a poison. A poison. It has been shown to be safe when administered correctly and at minute doses; however, its use is not something to be undertaken lightly. Today, I want the previous owner to know the suffering that Oscar is having to endure.

Additionally, heartworms cause secondary changes in the dog's heart and blood vessels, changes which are not reversed by treatment and which will affect the dog's lifelong health. I am angry that we may not have Oscar around as long as possible because of the previous owner's negligence.

All of Oscar's suffering could have been avoided if the previous owner had given him a simple, monthly heartworm treatment. Our other rescue dog, Harry, actually enjoys the treat-like chewable each month.

I realize there may be mitigating circumstances to prevent giving a monthly preventative, but in this case, the reason appears to be stupidity and/or greed. There are programs available to people who cannot afford proper healthcare for their animals. At one time in my life, I had to rely on them. Most of them can be found by calling your nearest vet or SPCA.

Oscar will remain in the loving care of the great folks at Pressly Animal Hospital overnight. Dr. Pressly is confident that Oscar will do well with the treatment. Even the technician who took Oscar this morning tried to calm my fears by assuring me they have done this treatment successfully a bunch of times. My subversive and unspoken thought was I'd like to watch the previous owner go through this "a bunch of times."

So, I promised my moment of darkness would be short. Your prayers and goof vibes for Oscar The Gay Dog will be welcomed! Give your fur babies an extra hug today in his honor!

Remember, Love wins!

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