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I'm Baaaaaaaaack!

I felt guilty when I went to bed last night for complaining about Oscar's heartworm treatment. There was so much horrible news from Ukraine and here in the US during the day.

But I was reminded why Oscar's story went viral: We all desperately need some good news!

So the good news is that Oscar is back home with his family. The treatment was ruff (pun intended) on him. He had 2 injections of a deadly poison called Immiticide, or the generic version, Diroban. (in some cases they use ivermectin. Yes, THAT ivermectin. The same one stupid people take for COVID.)

Oscar is heavily sedated to help him bear the pain and discomfort caused by the process. As you can see from the picture, he's a little dazed and confused. Check out the drowsy eyelids.

I can't say enough good things about the team at Pressly Animal Hospital. This procedure would normally cost around $1000, but Dr. Pressly works with the Greater Charlotte SPCA to provide this service at no cost to Oscar, since he is a rescue. So if you can, please support your local rescue organizations, or give to the GCSPCA by clicking HERE .

For Oscar, the prescription for the next several weeks is plenty of rest and lots of medications, which are also covered by donations to the Greater Charlotte SPCA. He came home today, walked past his own water bowl to his older brother Harry's water bowl then lapped up every drop. Guess it was his dazed and confused way of saying, "I'm Baaaaaack!"


UPDATE: The recovery from his treatment is kicking his little furry ass. He's suffering with chills, extreme thirst, lack of appetite. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep your fur babies on a regular heartworm preventative. Don't make them go through what this little guy is having to endure.

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